Media Industry Seminar Event

Series of Public Lectures, Media Industry Seminar
21 June 2013, R. 310
1. The first and second ones are about film.
2. bring your almamater jacket, please.
1. Media and Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship, 15.30 – 17.00
Amanda Marahimin
National income from art, media and creative industries is really significant in different countries like USA, Japan, India, or Korea. In Indonesia, this sector is still underdeveloped. One of the reasons of this condition is the low number of entrepreneurs in this sectors, partly because business people still have low understanding about these sectors, and partly because creative people still have low business skills and entrepreneurship. This course provides insights to early year communication students on the process of turning ideas into successful start up business proposal, commercializing ideas derived from media research and data, and most importantly, the importance of entrepreneurship in media and communication sectors.
Amanda Marahimin is a businesswoman in marketing, communication, social media, arts and film. She was graduated from the communication program at Universitas Indonesia, and she started her career in the pioneer of Jakarta’s creative NGO: Popcorner. She was involved in different production and publication of different films with Miles production, before she joined Investasi Film Indonesia and produced several films with them. She started her own company Lolipop Film in 2008 and then got public attention by opening an art and creative crowd-funding website,
note: she will be your lecturer in Media Entrepreneurship in Semester 6 (for communication) and semester 7 (for film).
2. Writer, “Adaptation: From Novel to Film/TV Series”,  17:00 – 19:00 (event held together with British Council)
Qaisra Shahraz (UK) – Author of books “Perempuan Suci” and “Perempuan Terluka”
Erwin Arnada (Indonesia) – writer & director “Rumah di Serbu Ombak”
3. PR, Branding, “The Role of Branding in Promoting Image of Products, Persons, or Programs”, 19.00-21.00
Dr. Lee Barron – Faculty Member of School of Arts & Social Sciences, Northumbria University, UK
(he is also Programme Director, International Recruitment and Development, Northumbria University, so you can ask questions about possibilities of 3+1 or 3+1+1 or 4+1 programs)