about the program


The Bachelor of Film Study Program at BINUS UNIVERSITY delivers an integrated curriculum where understanding of aesthetics, social and cultural knowledge, as well as business and technical skills, go hand in hand. We believe that filmmakers should create films not only with economic and business considerations but also to engage in constant dialogues with the audience. We also believe that cinema, as a part of mainstream visual culture, has been an indispensable subject of humanities with new terrains of knowledge waiting to be explored. In this four-year Study Program, students will learn how to integrate technical filmmaking skills with theoretical and practical knowledge to meet industry standards. Students will also learn how to analyze and write about cinema according to scholarly rigor and requirements set by film publications. The first year is dedicated to the fundamental technical filmmaking skills courses. In the following three years, classroom-based courses, seminars, fieldtrips and film screening are provided to enhance students’ basic aesthetic, social and cultural knowledge, teamwork and communication skills, and film business knowledge. In the second year, the whole learning process emphasizes in observation, fieldwork, and workshop to enhance contextual thinking, theory and practice, and understanding of film production. During the second year, students will also choose one of the four study streams offered by Film Study Program: film production, film studies, minor program, and free electives program. The third and final year are dedicated to advance the learning of methodology through workshop, clinic, and simulation. During this time, students will undertake enrichment programs where they will receive the opportunity to immerse in real-world experience through internship, community development, research, entrepreneurship, and study abroad. These programs will support and enrich their thesis, in which students will have to research to support their film thesis or film analysis   Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF), Catalog 2018 (PDF), Catalog 2019 (PDF), Catalog 2020 (PDF), Catalog 2021 (PDF), Catalog 2022 (PDF)