Submit your documentary and experimental films to Arkipel 2016!

ARKIPEL, a documentary and experimental film festival organized by Forum Lenteng, will be held this year on August and is inviting you to submit your work. This year’s festival theme is Social/Kapital.

From their website:

“The end of ideologies has left two words, social and capital, as a pair of twin archetypes, social/kapital, which is strangely guiding our time now. That strangeness (in fact is a mere fairness because of accumulation of those two words’ ideological histories) is located on the interpretation position of both which inevitably are inseparable anymore since have turned into mutational forms of knowledge of how we appropriate all activities and cultural production in that context. This mutated knowledge is the meaning of both words in its similar proportion namely, social / capital….

Idea and concept about social/kapital citizens have been merging various cultural activities of their existence in a new world (global) without—or only vaguely— memories of the state except local identity as a nation and their differential statuses. Individualism in the body of citizens is imagined almost as closely as shadow of something collective (collectivity). Is there a so-called global citizen complete with attributes and identity really exist apart from geographical and societal changes in which the capital motive is its creator?”

Submission is due on April 11, 2016. To submit your film click the link below:

ARKIPEL is intended to be able to deliver quality documentary (not TV documentary) and achievement of experimentation in cinema to Indonesian, Southeast Asian, and International audiences. In addition, the festival will always see the development of the cinematic language with critical thinking, regardless of the terms ‘cinema industry’ or independent cinema. For this reason, ARKIPEL will always bring a critical discourse to observe it through curatorial programs, symposium, and public lecture to broaden the knowledge of the ever-changing cutting-edge cinema aesthetics.