Break Out Room (2022)

Franco (20), got an advertisement for an English class, and he was surprised to see his ex-crush Angelica in the ad. Franco immediately registers for the class to meet him again and also thinks about confessing his old feelings to Angelica. When class starts, Franco looks for Angelica and finds her. Franco and Angelica talk again, when they talk together in the breakout room, Franco gets a notification from his girlfriend Sanna who Franco ignores. Franco ventured to express his feelings, how surprised Angelica said her feelings to Franco first, they were both surprised and in the end, they continued their relationship again.

Producer : Jody Antonio Khomaro

Director : Raihana Ghaniya

DoP : Muhammad Rayhan Fadhil

Editor : Raihana Ghaniya, Jody Antonio Khomaro


Daffa Aryoseno as Franco

Oktavia Tiarani Putri as Angelica

Kara Abigail Paath as Guru

Binus Film Department 2022