Penjaga (2022)

A girl named Ratri, lonesome since she was little, has a guardian whohas been a lifelong companion. However, her conservative mother is firmin purging her sole friend, saying that it contravenes their beliefs. As asingle parent, mother has always been busy working, resulting in a coldtie between the two. Numerous attempts have been made to purge the unseen friend, thoughnone of it has been consented to by Ratri. One night, after Ratri hadfinished her always-lonely dinner and her mother had just returned fromwork to join her, Mother caught Ratri staring blankly across the room. Sherealized there that her daughter’s epiphytes were still lingering around,watching them two. Asking Ratri about it, she knew that Ratri had notutterly shunned herself away from the creature. Ratri persists that theguardian has always been a friend and is also God’s creation. Aftergetting Ratri’s response, mother lost her temper and sent Ratri to herroom. On the same night, Bunda and Ratri practice a prayer for the umpteenthtime to repel the guardian. But this time, Ratri can feel that her guardianis becoming weaker. Ratri had no choice other than to follow her mother’swish—to purge her guardian. She knew that if the purging didn’t workout, then mother would contact a pastor only to hurt the guardian evenmore. When the guardian presence starts to dull, Ratri once again tries toconvince her mother to let her keep her only friend.

Producer by: Hizkia Deo

Director by: Felix Sampow

DoP: Christopher Manuel Handoko

Editor by: Justin Angsana


Sartika Emita as Ratri

Eldia Maria as Ibu

Alvin Liem as Penjaga

Scenea Production in association with Binus Film Department 2022