Grandma! (2023)

Gary starts his morning routine; he doesn’t realise something abnormal is happening around his house. When he wants to watch the TV, his electricity went off. After getting a call from his colleague, Rafi, he rushes to the office. In the office, they both talk about Gary’s hallucination and the events going around his house. Rafi suggests his nephew to stay with him for a few days and Gary agrees. The next day David, Rafi’s nephew, arrives at Gary’s house. One night, Gary is disturbed by David because he is playing video games loudly. Grandma tries to get rid of David after the issue. Gary is not getting enough sleep due to David keeping him up. Grandma tries several ways to scare David and finally gets to scare him away. Grandma finally introduced herself to Gary, she gave him a little scare before Gary knows it is his grandmother.

Showrunner: Josh Marvel Nathan

Producer: Nico Theofilus Lay

Asistant Director: Fadzri Fachraindi

DOP: Matthew Budi Mulyono

Editor: Frederick Pio Soesetio


Max Nicholai Tesla as Gary

Judyana as Nenek/Grandma

Muhammad Nabil Farhan as David

Gerry Laurent as Rafi

Binus Film Department 2023