“Kupas Tuntas Before-After Film Pendekmu” with Fransiska Prihadi

On November 3rd,  2023, Fransiska Prihadi, program director of Minikino and co-founder of MASH arthouse cinema,  held a public lecture both onsite and through Zoom, which tackles the topic of “The before and after of making a short film.” ISI Jogja held this event with the Praktisi Mengajar program and as part of the Screening and Distribution Management course.

Targeted for aspiring young filmmakers, Fransiska divided the seminar into two acts, each dedicated to before and after making a short film. First, she opens the session by identifying the definition of short films and why filmmakers make them. She emphasizes the difference and importance of short films as she contrasts them with feature-length films. Stating that they are more feasible for young filmmakers to make and give a slight glimpse into what the industry would be like with feature-length films.

Afterward, Fransiska turns her attention to the participants and asks them whether they have created a short film before the seminar, to which she asks, “What was your mindset during its creation?” Inciting a moment of reflection between the participants, Fransiska advises that these film projects should not simply be viewed as tasks given by your university but treated as your project. Stating that if it were a film born from one’s personal experiences and desires, the film would have greater reach to connect and resonate with its audience. It is here that Fransiska closes the first act.

The second act of the seminar began with another question regarding whether anyone within the participants had an email account. This was done to ask whether or not any of the participants had ever written a business email. Fransiska aimed to nail down the importance of contacting an organization or a person through their emails rather than other means of contact. This is because those who read an email are doing so with the willingness and intention to tackle business matters and are thus more likely to take one’s email more seriously. This focus on email is later reflected when one wishes to contact a festival regarding their rules and the likes to submit one’s short film. , she closes the seminar with a session of logline feedback for the participants in the symposium.

Fransiska opened this seminar in hopes to better equip aspiring filmmakers regarding the reason as to why they create short films and what to do with them. She teaches them the proper mindset for assignments given to them in university and the soft skills needed in the industry in the form of an email. She guides the participants in regard to the things they might need to improve and achieve to work in a working environment. A lesson that would go a long way for those who wish to make their mark within the film industry as it all begins with a small step.

Veron Vinison Susilo