Lokakarya Syuting Rumah Lingkungan – INACADE 2023

Dive into the world of environmentally-friendly filmmaking! Join us for the Lokakarya Syuting Ramah Lingkungan on Friday, 24 November 2023, from 13:20 to 15:00 at Binus @Alam Sutera, R. Hall B0201. 🌿✨

Featuring industry experts Yongki Ongestu (Director & Director of Photography) and Aryanna Yuris (Producer) of Aenigma Pictures. Learn the art of sustainable film production and earn SAT Points if you’re a Binusian!

Don’t miss out! Secure your spot now at https://forms.gle/ADParJqvAAXCcPPS9 or scan the QR Code. Let’s create cinema that cares for our planet! 🌎🎬 #BinusFilm #INACADE #SOD