INACADE Cinema 2023

🌟✨ Lights, Camera, Impact! Join our cinematic trilogy of events and immerse yourself in the world of sustainable filmmaking, eco-conscious streaming, and captivating short films! 🌿🎬


  1. πŸŽ₯ Lokakarya Syuting Ramah Lingkungan

πŸ—“οΈ Friday, 24 November 2023, 13:20–15:00

πŸ“ Binus @Alam Sutera, R. Hall B0201

With industry experts from Aenigma Pictures, learn the art of sustainable film production and earn SAT Points if you’re a Binusian! Secure your spot now! Let’s create cinema that cares for our planet!

  1. 🌍🎬 Streaming Media’s Carbon Footprint & Green Film Festivals

πŸ—“οΈ Thursday, 23 November 2023, 20:00–22:00

πŸ“ Online via Zoom

Gain insights from esteemed speakers and explore the world of sustainable streaming and Green Film Festivals. SAT Points available for Binusians! Secure your virtual seat now! Let’s shape the future of eco-friendly media together!

  1. πŸ“½οΈβœ¨ INACADE Cinema with BINUS Film

πŸ—“οΈ Thursday, 23 November 2023, 11:20–17:00 & Friday, 24 November 2023, 13:20–17:00

πŸ“ Lab Film Binus @Alam Sutera, R. C0207

Experience the magic of storytelling through 26 curated short films, showcasing the incredible talent within the BINUS Film community. Save the dates and join us for two days of film appreciation!

Mark your calendars and let’s embark on a journey where cinema meets sustainability, discussions shape the future, and short films enchant! 🌟🎬 #BinusFilm #INACADE #SOD