Merakit Mimpi (2023)

Tatang is a retired civil employee who lives alone and has a hard time with modern technology. One day, as Tatang is sorting through his old documents, he stumbles upon the blueprint to his dream motorbike. Seeing the blueprint reignites Tatang’s drive to build it. He goes on a journey to find the parts required to assemble it. After a long search for the parts, Tatang finds some of them in a motorcycle workshop that belongs to a man named Sutanto, who offers to deliver the parts to Tatang’s house. Though he’s found most of the parts he needs, he’s still missing some key parts. He tries to order the parts online, but struggles to do so. Finally, when all hope seems lost for him, Sutanto arrives, helping him order the required parts for him. With the final parts acquired, Tatang assembles his dream bike and rides off with it.

Director: Ephraim Ryan Pranata

Producer: Wahyu Syakir Nugraha

Assistant Director: Benedictus Narendra Prama Sedayu

DOP: Louis Michael Kristanto

Editor: Gilbert Marciano Widodo


Hotib as Pak Tatang

Edrick Erickar Jeffry Soewandi as Sutanto

Binus Film Department 2023