foto melody  Azalia Primadita Muchransyah, M.Si ( )

Subject Content Coordinator — Film Program

MSi, International Relations, Universitas Indonesia, 2013

BA, Psychology, Universitas Indonesia, 2009

The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color, Wesleyan University, USA (Obtained through COURSERA), 2013

Marriage and the Movies: A History, Wesleyan University, USA (Obtained through COURSERA), 2014

The Future of Storytelling, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany (Obtained through Iversity), 2014


Courses: Scriptwriting II (2014-2015), Film, Literature & Adaptation (2014-2015), Film Production Seminar (2014-2015), Production Internship (2014-2015)

Melody, as she is known publicly, has been writing since her high school years. She started with writing short stories for national magazines and published her first novel in 2005. Following her passion in writing and film, she started learning how to write a script independently through books and courses. In college, she decided to study psychology to deepen her knowledge in making characters for her stories while writing scripts for national TV series and FTV’s (Film Television) and published another three novels. Her first big-screen film was Toilet 105 (MVP Pictures, 2009), which she co-wrote with Ve Handojo. In 2010, she started teaching her own FTV class in Serunya Screenwriting. In 2011, she got a Fulbright scholarship to teach in School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University, in Washington, DC., USA. Now she continues teaching, writing, and traveling, while still manages to watch a lot of TV series and films in her spare times.


1. Big-screen Movie, “Toilet 105”, with Ve Handojo, MVP Pictures 2009.

2. TV Series “Kumpul Bocah”, SCTV, SinemArt 2005.

3. TV Series “Pengen Jadi Bintang”, SCTV, MD entertainment 2006.

4. TV Series “Benar-Benar Cinta”, SCTV, MD entertainment 2006.

5. TV Series “Pura-Pura Kawin”, SCTV, dePIC production 2007.

6. TV Series “Kasturi”, Astro TV, DVI Production 2008.

7. Cookies (Kumpulan Kisah Manis) “Pembantuku Ganteng Sekaleee…!!”, SCTV, Frame Ritz 2007.

8. FTV Gala Sinema “Cintaku Ditilang Polwan”, SCTV, Dapur Film 2011.

9. FTV Popcorn Special HUT ke-17 SCTV “17 Hari Mencari Cinta”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

10. FTV Popcorn “Pacar Gue Buaya Darat”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

11. FTV Popcorn Special April Mop “Semua Karena Cinta”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

12. FTV Popcorn “Gara-Gara Kura-Kura Aku Jatuh Cinta”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

13. FTV Gala Sinema Special “Cewek Culun Jatuh Cinta”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

14. FTV Gala Sinema Special Kartini Day “Gue Kartini Bukan Kartono”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

15. FTV Gala Sinema “Mendadak Seleb”, SCTV, Dharmawangsa Studio X 2008.

16. FTV Gala Sinema “Menanti Kinanti”, SCTV, Dharmawangsa Studio X 2008.

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22. FTV Gala Sinema “Miss Lina”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

23. FTV Gala Sinema “Berikan Aku Cinta”, SCTV, Multivision Plus 2007.

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31. FTV Gala Sinema “Jomblo… So What Gitu Lho?!”, SCTV, Frame Ritz 2006.

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33. FTV Gala Sinema “Tunggu Aku Cinta”, SCTV, Frame Ritz 2006.

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35. FTV Gala Sinema “Cinta VS Jerawat”, SCTV, Frame Ritz 2006.

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