Student Outcomes

After complete the study, graduate are:


  1. Able to criticize film or other art works related to film based on basic film theories, historical facts, as well as social and cultural conditions.

  2. Able to develop an innovative short film script by reviewing or adapting events or literature.
  3. Able to demonstrate the ability to direct actors and audio-visual elements based on a creative interpretation of the film script.
  4. Able to develop film production plan in accordance with the needs of the film script.
  5. Able to demonstrate the ability to produce films by choosing the technology in film production process and integrating film elements and different techniques in accordance with the principles of cinematography and audio-visual.
  6. Able to apply editing skills on images and sound recordings by using software that suits the needs of the script and director’s referrals.
  7. Able to apply the principle of film distribution and marketing in film industries.
  8. Able to analyze factors that influence the development of national and international film.
  9. Able to utilize the latest technology in film according to the needs of work.
  10. Able to apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in developing alternative solutions for problem-solving.